Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baseball and Literature

Young Epic's team has been in the area for their conference tournament, and we've enjoyed the games and getting to spend time with the guys. My favorite moments came yesterday morning. Before the 9:00 AM game, Young E came over to the fence and said "Achilles was not a Spartan, right?" When I confirmed his belief, he responded "The Canadians are stupid," and walked away.

Shortly, another ballpalyer came to the fence, grabbed a bucket and sat down. In complete seriousness he said, "Okay, Achilles fought in the Trojan War, right? Who were his parents?" For several minutes we had a literary discussion, and the incorrect Canadian players joined us. All had a great time, and then the warrior/ballplayers went off to do battle.

Young Epic came in to pitch in the top of the eighth with an 8-5 lead. He got a fly out, walked one, and had two ground outs. In the ninth he had a 10-5 lead, gave up two singles to start the inning, and then got three fly outs in a row to earn the save.

Epic Dog is in her element. The players call her "Rally Dog" and rub her ears for luck. She does adore her guys.

All is right with my world.

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