Saturday, August 21, 2010


It's been a crazy-busy summer with the house hunting and dealing with the off-brand insurance company handling the damage to Young Epic's truck, and that kept me from getting my normal back-to-school frission of excitment as early as I normally do. But now, the house deal is in the title company, and Young Epic, and his truck, have returned to Brownsville.

I've finished making the first day copies, and I have the second day stuff ready, my desk is mostly clean (as clean as it's gonna get), all the handouts have been loaded to my school website. I got new pens, and that ALWAYS makes me happy!

And now it's hit me. That wondeful butterflies-giddy-what-does-the-new-year-hold feeling. I chose to have seniors this year, for the first time in five years, and it's going to be fun having some of the same kiddos I had as freshmen.

So it's time to finish that last summer novel, and I'll start compiling the list of stuff I'll want to read next summer.


Jarhead said...

Can you still smell those handouts and get high like in the olden days?

epic said...

Sorry, Jar. The days of the purple mimeographs are long gone. And now you've shown your age!

AnObiter said...

Omigosh, I forgot about the purple smell!! Wow....what a (yes, very old) flashback!

I smiled at your pen statement, Epic....I love, love, love new pens too....;-)

AnObiter said...

Hey, so how'd the house hunt end???

epic said...

Obi-we closed last Thursday. I'll email you later with the details-some of your info helped us find the perfect place!