Friday, December 26, 2008

A place to store my thoughts

This will probably be my primary usage of this page-a journal I don't have to search for when I have a thought that demands to be recorded.

A couple of months ago my school issued laptop had to be repaired. I copied the "important files," but didn't take the time to copy the general musings. Blast. Gone forever. And, I'm certain there were pearls beyond price that are lost.

Any who happen by here, please do not expect to be enlightened or entertained. Unless, of course, you find entertainment in the mutterings of a middle aged woman. If you DO find such mutterings entertaining, may I suggest you read Annie Dillard or Anne Lamont.

Now I cannot remember the incredible idea I had last night for teaching The Odyssey.
  • Tableaux of significant scenes
  • Written response/critique of each
  • Insights gained
  • Maybe the other thought will return later


AnObiter said...

I'd love to be in your class!! Books are beautiful things. =)

LandShark 5150 said...

Okay I'll bite -- just because I enjoyed English class. The only subject that remained consistant for 12 yrs and 28 yrs. later I still suck at it.

epic said...

Thanks for the comments, AnObiter and LandShark. I really do intend to use this as a place to keep my thoughts (without forgetting where I put them!)-but, I must confess, it's pretty cool to know other people can see it also! It also makes me be more thoughtful about what I type.

AnObiter said...

I adore your graphic....I'd love to beat some people over poorly executed grammar as well! "Ain't got no..." [shudder]