Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm A Techie, Now!

I'm not a fan of modern technology. Okay, I know that's not really true-I don't want to do the laundry in a tub with a washboard-but I'm not a fan of the gadgets.

Until now.

Epic Husband convinced me to buy a Nook for myself. Oh, my. I may never purchase another paperback book again. I can read in bed, on my side, with the Nook on a pillow, and my glasses don't get shoved all cattywampus. And I can read an 800 page paperback with just one hand. And my thumb doesn't cramp when I'm on page 400 or so from trying to hold the book open. And I can increase the font size so I don't have to go buy the next higher magnification of reading glasses. Yet. And I don't have to fill Epic Dog's tote with books when we travel to baseball games.

I'll still buy some hardback books, but that's just because I love collecting books. For the actual reading, I'm hooked on the Nook!


SpoonerStreet said...

I love, love, love my Sony Reader. I have read 10x the amount of books that I used to. I don't know if the Nook supports it or not, but you can check out digital books from the Frisco library for 14 days, and if you know someone in New York City, get their library card # and you can get books from there too.

The thing that has taken me a long time to get used to is that I don't have to make room to turn the page. You can set the reader down on your lap and you don't have to move it! It will take you a while to get used to that!

epic said...

Spooner-the other really cool thing is that Epic Son and I have our Nooks on the same account, so the books we choose download to both. We can store titles in the library if things get too cluttered, or if we use too much memory. Now I don't have to go out out buy two copies of our favorite hardback new releases.

Actually, during the Harry Potter days, I had to buy three copies.

Thanks for the library info. I'm going to check with the Flower Mound library and see if they have the same option.

thomsherry1 said...

I don't think the FMPL has Overdrive yet, but I might be wrong about that. I know TC has it and LV is thinking about getting it. I just got a Nook for school! I can't figure it out yet, though! :(

epic said...

Sherry, you need to talk to Julie C. She used hers for the LEAP camp. I'm just using mine for reading, but she's figured out the advanced stuff!

Julie said...
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Drama Queens 4 said...

Sherry - love my Nook! I did use mine for LEAP camp, and it worked great. If you need some help with the features, I can stop by when we get back in the Fall.