Sunday, June 6, 2010

We don't get out of school until June 10, and I believe that makes us the last district in the entire WORLD still in session. (It's okay, I'm an English teacher. That makes me a professional. When I do it, it's not exaggeration-it's hyperbole. Except in this case, it's probably truth.)

Do you have any idea how challenging it is to keep teenagers in their seats, let alone engaged in learning, when their friends/cousins in surrounding districts are at the lake or Six Flags? Those extra days off that were scattered through the year aren't looking so great in retrospect.

Fortunately, we killed off Romeo and Juliet on Friday, and this time, I was really glad to see them die. In fact, I would have been happy had it ended like Hamlet-darn near every character on the stage dead. R & J projects are due Monday. That, the final essay, and final exam will be the last grading to complete. And, no, I will not give you an extra credit project to complete on the last day when you realize that you're two points from an A or a B. You can't just email it to me and have me grade it after school ends. I'm hateful that way.


Candance said...

It's so strange to me that y'all are just right next door to us, but school goes so late in your district. I tried subbing the week before we got out, and they were so not into school or listening to the words coming out of my mouth, I didn't go back. I think my exact words were that there's not enough money in the world to make me endure that again.

Good luck next week!!

thomsherry1 said...

Just have them do some more book trailers...However, they will have to check out the books they want to read from the public library!!! haha!!