Friday, March 20, 2009

Life is good...

Spring break has been amazing, and I'm sad that we're headed home tomorrow. Brownsville is a charming city, and South Padre Island is beautiful. We drove to the north end of the island (no spring break madness there) and enjoyed a little time on the beach. The dog loved romping on the sand, but she had no use for that crazy water that chased her.

The baseball has been wonderful, and Young Epic pitched well. On Wednesday night he closed the game-2 shut-out innings. Following the first inning he pitched, Coach asked if he could throw extended innings the next day. After the game Coach told Young E that he would start the second game the next day. Yesterday he pitched 5 and 1/3 shut-out innings, but ran out of gas. The reliever gave up the lead, but they came back to win in the bottom of the 7th. It was a bummer that Young E didn't get his first college win in his first college start, but all are most pleased that he pitched 7 and 1/3 shut-out innings in two days.

We missed this week's episode of Lost, but I would gladly never watch again if instead we got to watch Young Epic pitch. I DO hope we can catch a rerun though!

We are having lunch today with the parents of Young Epic's girlfriend, and then it's back to the ballpark for another double-header.

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