Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break!

We are taking our first EVER spring break trip! Of course, we'll be spending it in Brownsville, watching Young Epic's college baseball team play double headers every day for the entire week. When I commented to Coach that we are thrilled to get to see that much baseball while we're there, he replied, "It's spring break. Gotta keep 'em playing baseball and keep 'em off the Island." Coach is a wise man.

We are spending a couple of days at Casa de Grandma on our way. Casa de Grandma has no internet access, no cell phone service, and the tv isn't working. I'm sitting in McDonalds now having paid $3 to check email (I'm expecting some parent messages), and, by golly, I paid for an hour of wireless service, so I'm going to use it! All of this pretty much fits my definition of "camping."


SpoonerStreet said...

I played HS baseball, and I never got to go anywhere on spring break because of it.

It might be an interesting study to see if playing HS baseball has any correlation with not getting into trouble. Probably not, but it would be interesting to see.

Have fun on your trip! Does your hotel not have wireless?

epic said...

Yes, the hotel has wireless, but we just arrived. Grandma's house doesn't have wireless...